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How does the light up technology work?
How does the light up technology work?
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Unveiling the Technology Behind Go-Glow

The magic of Go-Glow lies in its specially crafted fabric with light-conducting properties.

Fabric Innovation

The fabric is meticulously designed with unique light-conducting properties.

LED Integration and Control

By seamlessly integrating LED lights into the fabric and managing the light effects with a controller, each component comes to life.

Discreet Battery Power

Powering every Go-Glow garment is a discreetly designed and detachable lithium battery pack. The controller empowers kids to activate Go-Glow, offering command over color and light effects through 13 different settings.

Safe and Washable

The removable battery pack ensures electrical safety, illuminating light at the source and reflecting it across the garment through luminous material. This battery pack can be easily removed for machine washing and conveniently recharged. Experience the brilliance of Go-Glow, where technology meets comfort and creativity!

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