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About luminous material
About luminous material
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Frequently Asked Questions about Luminous Clothing (Go-Glow)

Luminous Material

What is the luminous material? The luminous fabric is specially developed by PatPat, utilizing Glotech™—our proprietary fabric-illuminating technology. It blends luminous materials with traditional yarn, resulting in clothing that glows, remains soft, safe for kids, and is machine washable.

Uniform Material

Are all the clothes made of the same fabric? The material is the same, but the glowing effect varies based on different designs. Please refer to the product description on the product page for specific details.

Comfort and Skin Sensation

Will clothes made of luminous material be uncomfortable to wear? Will they scratch the skin? The clothing is designed to be soft and stretchy, ensuring comfort. We've added soft fabric for additional comfort. The luminous materials used do not directly touch the skin, preventing any scratching.

Washing and Durability

Is the luminous material easily damaged during washing? For normal wear, use the 'Gentle' wash mode with water temperature at or below 30°C/86°F. Washing separately and low-temperature drying is recommended for prolonged use.

Safety Certification

Is the fabric harmful to the body? No, it is certified as kids-safe. Our products undergo certification from authorized laboratories for CPSC, FCC, and CE testing.

Environmental Considerations

Are the products environmentally friendly? How should they be disposed of when no longer needed? Dispose of the clothing in relevant recycling boxes according to local recycling regulations.

Age Range

Can babies wear the clothes? Currently, the product is available in the size range of 3-8 years of age. Explore the vibrant world of Go-Glow with these informative details!

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