PatPat Partner Program
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Earn Your Commission

Share product links with your pals; when they order using your link, snag a cool 15% of the order amount as your Partner commission.

Spread the Product Love

From the "Product Detail" page or "Account -> Partner Program Items," spot the share function. Spread the word on social media or simply copy the link.

Commission Breakdown

Bag 15% of the order value when someone orders through your link. Check your "Commission History" after 1-2 business days. Watch your commission status switch from "Pending" to "Settled" after 30 days (or 30-60 days for COD orders).

Put Settled Commission to Use

Transform settled commission into wallet credit for purchases or seamlessly transfer it to PayPal. Note: Pending commission can't be transferred.

Load Up Your Wallet

Hit "Transfer" > "Transfer to Wallet." Input an amount (greater than zero, smaller than settled commission) > Hit "Transfer."

Cash Out with PayPal

Tap "Transfer" > "Withdraw to PayPal." Fill in your PayPal details > Enter your withdrawal amount > Confirm with "Transfer."

Transfer Options Simplified

Choose between Wallet Credit or a PayPal transfer.

Keep Tabs on Your Transfers

Review your history on the "Commission History" page. Track pending, settled, or declined transfers. For additional questions, hit us up at We're here to help!

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