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How to change my order shipping address?
How to change my order shipping address?
Updated over a week ago

To ensure a seamless delivery experience, please note that address changes can only be made before the package is packed. Act promptly by following these steps:

How to Change Your Shipping Address

  • Log in to your PatPat account or retrieve your order using your email and order number for guest checkouts.

  • Navigate to the "My Order" section, view order details, and select "Modify Address" in the upper right corner.

  • Update your address details.

Upon successfully updating the shipping address, your order will reflect the change.

Important Details

Please note that changes to Country/State/Province/Shipping method are not allowed post-order placement to avoid potential variations in shipping fees.

A Helpful Tip

If your order has already reached its destination country and you need an address change, track your package and contact the local courier. They can assist in redirecting the delivery to your preferred address. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring accurate and timely deliveries!

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