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Order status shows 'delivered' but I didn't receive it
Order status shows 'delivered' but I didn't receive it
Updated over a week ago

Don't worry, if you haven't received the package yet, please try the following ways to find the package before contacting customer service:

1. Confirm that your delivery address is correct, go to the "All Orders" page on the PatPat official website or your PatPat APP, and confirm the delivery details of your order.

2. If the correct address is confirmed, most packages are usually found accidentally misplaced. Check your mailbox or drop-off location to see if the courier left your package near your home, in the mailbox, in front of the garage or on the lawn.

3. It's always worth asking around. Check with your family, neighbors, doorman, or anyone else who might have accepted the delivery on your behalf.

4. Sometimes, delivery folks try to reach out but miss you. Don't forget to check your phone messages or email in case the carrier tried to notify you about a delivery hiccup or to arrange a new delivery time.

5. Patience is key. Sometimes, even though the tracking says it's been delivered, it might take up to 48 hours to actually arrive at your doorstep. It's rare but it happens!

If you've followed the steps above and still haven't received your package, we recommend reaching out directly to your local logistics company or courier. This is usually the quickest way to resolve the issue. If the logistics company can't provide a satisfactory solution, please contact our customer service team, and we'll work to resolve the problem for you.

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