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How to get free gifts?
How to get free gifts?
Updated over a week ago

When your order meets the criteria for a free gift, you can choose your preferred item from our selection of complimentary gifts.

Please remember:

Only items listed under 'Free Gifts' can be added without payment during checkout. If you select a free gift from the regular product listings, payment will still be necessary. To avoid any unnecessary charges, please make sure to follow the instructions below for adding your free gift.

How to add

Short Q&A:

Q: Why can't I see the free gift option in my shopping cart?

A: This may be because you have not yet reached the free shipping threshold. Only when you meet the free shipping conditions can you see the option for a free gift.

Q: How much do I need to spend to qualify for a free gift?

A: Once you've reached the free shipping threshold, you'll see the specific amount displayed above.

Q: Why can't I add the free item to my cart?

A: It may be because your order total hasn't yet reached the threshold for the free gift. Please check the specific amount in your shopping cart.

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