About PatPat Wallet
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What is the PatPat Wallet?

The PatPat Wallet represents the 'money' stored in your PatPat account and is exclusively accessible to registered PatPat users. It allows you to make use of the wallet balance during the checkout process, providing a means to offset a portion of the total item cost. If your wallet balance covers the entire cost, you have the option to complete the payment using the wallet alone.

How to Obtain?

Typically, you can accrue wallet credits through the refund process. When you encounter issues with your order necessitating a refund, you can opt for the wallet as the refund method instead of the original payment channel. Given the shorter processing time for wallet refunds, you can conveniently utilize the wallet for new orders in the short term.

How to Use?

At the checkout stage, you have the flexibility to choose the wallet as your payment method.

How to inquire about your wallet balance?

You can check your balance on the account page within the app.

Please be aware that if your balance is zero, the wallet balance will not be shown on the account page.

Why does the amount received through my PatPat wallet change/fluctuate?

If your wallet balance is in your local currency, but because it's linked to USD, changes in the exchange rate between your local currency and USD can impact the displayed value in your wallet. If this happens, you could change the currency to USD, and the amount should match.

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