How to check my order progress
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How To - PatPat Account

  1. Click "Orders"

  2. Select the order you want to view

How To - Guest Checkout

  1. Click here.

  2. Enter your email and order number

  3. Your order summary and progress will appear

Viewing Estimated Arrival Time & Tracking Number

  1. Use the instructions above to pull up your order.

  2. Click "Orders"

  3. Select the order you want to view

  4. Under the order progress bar, you can view the Estimated Arrival Time and Tracking Number.

Understanding Order Progress Stages

Order Placed

Order successfully placed.


We are currently processing your package and preparing for shipment.

In Transit

Your package has been dispatched and is currently in transit.

Out for Delivery

Your package is on its way and will be delivered shortly.


Your package has been successfully delivered.

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