Missing Ordered Items
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There are two reasons why items may be missing from your order:

1. Your order's total weight exceeded weight limits.

When the total weight of items in your order exceed shipping weight limits, we may split your order into multiple packages and ship them separately. This way, you can get a part of your order quickly, and the remaining items in your order will be shipped to you as soon as they are processed.

You can see whether your order got split into multiple packages, by logging into your PatPat account, clicking 'Orders' then clicking the 'Order Details' button beside the order you wish to view.

2. Items went missing when your order was being packed or transported.

If your order is missing an item, which isn't scheduled to be sent to you in an upcoming package, you may follow the steps below to request a refund:

Using the PatPat APP

In the PatPat App, click the icon 'Account,' then click 'Help Center', locate the icon in the lower right corner, and click it to initiate contact with our customer support team.

Using Mobile Browser

While on the PatPat website through your mobile browser, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner to reveal the menu bar. Select 'Contact Us.' Click on the icon located in the lower right corner to start a conversation with our customer support team.

Using a Computer Browser

When browsing our website on a computer, you can easily spot the 'Contact Us' icon in the lower right corner of the webpage. Simply click on this icon to initiate contact with our customer support team.

Once you've contacted our customer support team using one of the methods above, please inform them that you are experiencing a missing item issue and provide your order number. Our dedicated team will work diligently to address your concern and assist you with the missing item promptly.

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