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Non-US Guide: Details on Refund Amounts and Methods
Non-US Guide: Details on Refund Amounts and Methods
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About Refund Amount:

  1. For orders with promotions or discounts, the refunded amount will reflect the adjusted price you paid. To view the discounted item's amount, refer to your order summary in your account.

  2. Shipping fees are refunded only if orders are canceled before packaging.

  3. Discounts, points, vouchers, etc., provided during marketing campaigns are one-time use and cannot be returned after the purchase.

About Refund Method:

We recommend selecting a refund to your wallet or a voucher, enabling you to promptly receive the refund and use it for shopping on PatPat. Alternatively, you can choose a refund to the original payment method, which typically takes 7 to 15 days for processing by the payment platform and bank before crediting to your account.

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